Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Home again, home again!

Home! Here I am again. It feels so nice to finally be sleeping in my own bed again. My stay in the hospital was mercifully short. 

Surgery went well. The tumor is out! There was another little spot that we were curious about, so in addition to the main tumor being biopsied, we also biopsied another strange little spot. My doctors seem to be confident that it will turn up being nothing. Likely just a bony overgrowth. We are also 99.9% sure that the main tumor is still the same old cancer, but we like to biopsy it just to be sure.

They did do things a bit different this time around. Usually, my doctor would give me a bone graft. This time, however, he skipped the bone graft and decided to just use bone cement and then use a metal rod and screws to secure the bone. The tumor eroded the bone down a good bit, and what was left of the bone was very soft and squishy. I'm so excited to see what my x-ray looks like this time!

It's been quite an experience getting used to just lying around all day. I am never really prepared for it. It's so difficult to just lie around and let someone else take care of my home! I know it seems like it would be a welcome vacation, but it never does turn out that way. Strange, I know. 

In my downtime, I've been doing plenty of knitting and cross stitching. I stitched a darling little cross for my younger brother, and am now working on a pillow case with a picture of Cinderella for my little one. It's been so much fun! Cross stitching really saves me during the times when my IV or being sore from my IV prevents me from knitting. Knitting will forever be my first crafting love!