Friday, August 29, 2008

Shaking off the blues...

The past few days have been spent getting ready for surgery. Tumor removal surgery is no small thing, so much preparation is needed. We have two weeks before surgery, and there is just absolutely not enough time to complete all of our pre-surgery tasks. 

My wonderful husband took me out shopping yesterday for some housewares that I had been requesting. We went to two stores to make sure I could get just what I wanted. Today, when it came time to assemble everything, I am completely unable because of my infusion treatments. They leave me sore, sick and tired. I usually feel much better the next day, so I'm hoping that tomorrow will be much improved. I feel like a lousy wife today. At least I have three glorious days without any treatment at all! I am so happy to have three whole days away from my doctors.

All I can really do is shake off these blues and make the best of our evening together! My dear husband has been putting in long hours at work and still manages to make time for precious family evenings with me and our little bug. Today may have been difficult, but tonight will be fabulous!


Aminta said...

Oh my goodness! And I complaine! Sheesh, thank you for (unknowingly) putting me in my place. I am sorry for your loses, but I am proud of you for your beauty in finding the little things BIG.
GOd bless you and this walk, what a testiment you are getting through this. Remember life is a TON of chapters filling your book. And each moment is something to be read about later. MEMORIES, both good and bad.
I hope that you feel wrapped in His love today and His peace that surpasses understanding is so very real for you and your family.
Loves, Aminta